Aéroports de Lyon is determined to become the second airport gateway in France. Over time, its Future Terminal 1 will offer a reception capacity of 15 million passengers.


70 000m2
for twice
the surface area

Toward a
a new dimension

Lyon-Saint Exupéry is continuing its work on building a new large and functional 70,000 m2 terminal, which will double the area of the current terminals. Sized to absorb the foreseeable traffic growth, the equipment will enable the airport to accommodate 15 million passengers by the year 2020.

Optimal Service

Leading the approach, Aéroports de Lyon is looking to be the model in all fields : airport management, customer experience, service quality, environmental and social approach and human resources. An indispensable catalyst for fostering awareness of the other companies on site and co-building action plans.

A Space for Living
and Desires

The future Terminal 1 includes a immense shopping area of 10,000 m2 dedicated to shopping, dining and relaxation. This new commercial space will offer unprecedented concepts, young brands and many famous retailers.

The main steps of the
€ 215 million
of investment
in two phases !
2014–2018 and 2016–2018


Construction of Future Terminal 1


Commissioning of the new terminal, demolition of the current Terminal 3


Construction of the link with the current Terminal 1

Après 2020

Redevelopment of the current Terminal 1

Sigma Pax Project :
knowing the passenger better

Illustration of the new Connect & Fly Aéroports de Lyon promise, which is the project by the Sigma Pax company that was launched in 2015 to engage all human and technological means to make it possible to improve customer knowledge, to foster personalized interaction and to meet their specific needs, especially in anticipation of the opening of Future Terminal 1, in September 2017.

Golden Mile :
CargoPort built for the future

Determined to make CargoPort a major hub in Europe, Aéroports de Lyon and its partners have launched the foundations of a new freight zone. The project, named Golden Mile, will be launched in several phases, with the first two buildings delivered in 2019 and overlooking the new parking cargo (parking Mike), capable of accommodating any type of device and up to 8 aircraft. An innovative interface for transferring freight between terminals and planes.

Carex Project :
freight on a European scale

Aéroports de Lyon has been actively taking part in the Euro Carex project since its beginnings. This device is a modal shift from air and road freight to rail, through the development of a high-speed rail service between the primary European airport platforms. Aéroports de Lyon, an active member of the Lyon Carex association, is also a part of the five Carex Railports, alongside Liege, Amsterdam, Roissy and London.

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Lyon–Bron Development

The third French business airport, Lyon–Bron is continuing its development by increasing its reception capacities, through the achievement of several hangars for aircraft and office buildings. Another major project is a centre dedicated to aviation activities in close Proximity to the airport platform.