who are we?

The Aéroports de Lyon Company steers the Lyon-Saint Exupéry activities for commercial aviation and Lyon–Bron business aviation

Connect & Fly is a business vision that bears our promise to customers. Connect reflects the value proposition for our customers: the outreach, attentiveness, innovation, simplicity and efficiency. Fly fosters travel and discovery, and the “take-off” of ideas and projects. The combination of both establishes the idea that Exupéry time is precious for our customers.

Our Business Line
Connecting Lyon and its region with the world
Enabling accessibility to the airport from everywhere in the region
Living closely to our clients thanks to mobility
Being in contact with the business world
Maintaining the airport’s human scale
Embodying a space of living and desire that combines pleasure and efficiency for a successful experience
Our ambition
To become the second airport gateway in France
To become the preferred starting point for ¼ of the inhabitants in south-eastern France
To become a place of living and interaction that is unequalled in Europe
Our Values
Ambition, professionalism, agility, innovation human scale And pride in belonging

Aéroports de Lyon

in 10 points
At the heart of the 6th European region with a GDP > €200 billion / Catchment area of 6.5 million inhabitants. As large as Ireland, as populated as Switzerland and as rich as Finland.
Natural gateway of the French Alps with the quickest access to 2/3 of all ski resorts. The Lyon–St. Exupéry Airport is directly linked by bus to more than 30 resorts.
Only Intermodal platform for passengers and freight. At the crossroads of the motorway networks in the Alps and the Paris–Marseille axis, interconnected to the TGV network with a railway station at the heart of the site, connected by a high-speed rail link dedicated solely to downtown Lyon.
A diversified business mix with a network of 115 very dense direct destinations across Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Direct global coverage and via major hubs. More than 40 airlines (legacy or low-cost).
Steady Growth Since 2003 (Average Annual Growth Rate > 3%), which should accelerate over the next 15 years. To handle this growth, as well as the traffic typology changes and QDS requirements, a four-year (2015–2019) € 331 million investment program, whose flagship project is Future Terminal 1.
A Financial Model That Has Demonstrated its Robustness and Resilience, with a steady increase in margins and average rates that are higher than the rates of traffic growth.
Flexible and Motivated Employees. An ability to work in a genuine² supportive dynamic and to ask questions with a view to fostering progress. Stakeholders of the Aéroports de Lyon are involved in preparing for the future, which has resulted in a rate of pride and satisfaction above 90% among employees working in their company, nearly double the national average.
Environmentally Responsible Development. Reducing the carbon footprint and controlling environmental impacts. As part of the ACA (Air Carbon Accreditation) program, Aéroports de Lyon obtained the maximum level 3+ Neutrality Carbon
A Capacity for Achieving Growth. Developing long, direct correspondence lines and diversification policy in the services and real-estate sector.
Policy Innovation. Air Pulse Program, the incubator for implementing and achieving ideas and projects.

A Success Story from 2007

Driving Change
Since 2007, driving change is done in accordance with the Odyssée plans, by working from the managerial lever (Oxygène group) and on team engagement, essentially in three aspects :

1. Conquering new markets.
2. Getting a step ahead and staying a step ahead.
3. Ensuring a sustainable growth.
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Aéroports de Lyon
since 2007

Our Governance

Aéroports de Lyon Is a private limited-llablllty company with a management board and a supervisory board. Its capital Is currently held as follows
  • 15% by local communities,
  • 25% by the Chamber of Commerce and the industry of Lyon Saint Étienne Roanne,
  • 60% by the consortium VINCI Alrports, Calsse des Dépôts and Crédit Agricole Assurances

Our Operational Organization

The strategic and operational steering of Aéroports de Lyon is provided by the Steering Committee, led by Tanguy Bertolus, Chair of the Management Board.

Shareholding Composition

Entrusted since 1975 by the Chamber of Commerce of France and Lyon Industry (see background), the Lyon–Saint-Exupéry and Lyon–Bron Airports’ management concession was granted in 2007 to Aéroports de Lyon SA until 2047.
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our history
As of 2015, the State Is engaged In a process to sell Its shares In Aeroports de Lyon SA capltal (official decree of March 7, 2016). At the end of an open consultation on March 10, 2016 by a call for applications, The consortium composed of VINCI Airports, Caisse des Dépéts and Crédit Agricole Assurances was selected as the buyer, the acquisition was finalized on 11.10.2016