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Aéroports de Lyon places the customer at the heart of its strategy. Our teams are engaged every day with continually improving travel experience. The sense of service

Aéroports de Lyon is becoming a European leader in service quality. To do so, the company is developing a ceaselessly welcoming and attentive culture across an ongoing search for excellence in assistance, promptness and fluidity.

A Tangible Commitment

For 3 years, Aéroports de Lyon has EQFM (European Foundation for Quality Management) assessment model to steer its approach for progress. The dynamic is very positive and is always encouraging us to always go further to serve our customers. R4E 5***** recognition in March 2015, finalist For the European First Prize in 2016. The perceived quality is measured through the international Airport Service Quality (ASQ) client satisfaction survey, taken each year by a panel of 2,500 Passengers.

Ecosystem, Awards

The Nearby Terrain

Aéroports de Lyon operates several devices to identify and anticipate its customers’ needs : social networks (real-time information, interactions échanges avec les passagers), bornes interactives with passengers), , interactive Smiley Box terminals (measuring satisfaction live), Airport Helper Community (2,000 volunteer employees to inform and guide passengers with triggering remedial actions).

for passenger satisfaction in 2016

Responsiveness and Efficiency

The Operational Control Centre (OCC) is the steering tool of the Lyon–Saint-Exupéry platform. Providing optimal responsiveness, it enables operational teams to better control events disrupting airport operations, to enhance the everyday timeliness of flights and customer service quality.

Customer Knowledge

Illustration of the new Connect & Fly Lyon Airports promise, which is the project by the Sigma Pax company that was launched in 2015 to engage all human and technological means to make it possible to improve customer knowledge, to foster personalized interaction and to meet their specific needs, especially in anticipation of the opening of Future Terminal 1, in September 2017.